You could say I'm musically bipolar. I write and perform Electro Pop songs and I'm a Classical Organist.

I make music for the Spiritual Animal, who I believe, is most of us. My songs are about love, lust, relationships, social and environmental issues.

Throughout junior high school, I studied piano and classical organ with Charles Boehm at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hicksville, NY. As a student at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, I studied organ with Dr. George Markey and Joan Lippincott, and in 2011-15 with David Enlow in NYC.

In my 20's, the call of the Pop world was so strong I walked away from my classical roots and liturgical training. I enrolled at NYC's The New School and immersed myself in contemporary songwriting, band ensemble, singing, and engineering.

In the 80's I built an 8 track recording studio in my studio apartment in NYC's Upper West Side, fulfilling my need to control every aspect of my musical expression. My apt was directly above my landlady's bedroom, so if I didn't stop recording by 11pm she'd take her broomhandle and bang on her ceiling. But she'd still bring me homemade fishcakes; she thought I was too skinny. My food back then was cigarettes, Absolute with diet 7up, and a veggie burger.

A detour, in the form of clothing and fabric design studies, presented itself in the mid-1990s. First at NYC's Parson's School of Design where I studied tailoring, then at FIT where I studied pattern-making and draping for 2 years.

Pop music summoned me once again and I returned to my recording studio and released my debut CD in 2000, performing in NYC's China Club, Cheetah, Downtime, Acme Underground, CBGB's, The Elbow Room, and Hard Rock Cafe on West 57th St.

In 2004 I transitioned from Electro Pop Rock into EDM with Tracy Young's remix of my song “Geisha Girl“. The funny thing is I can't sing and dance at the same time, so attempting to sing AND dance was like shooting myself in the foot. Which I'll probably attempt again anyway.

2007 I released the dance single with remixes "Frequency" based on "The Secret" which was big at the time. Yes I'm into woo woo energy field metaphysics, i.e. Jane Roberts' "Seth Speaks", "The Hidden Messages in Water", "The War of Art", Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic".

2008 I was feeling......older and wrote "Wanna Be Beautiful" my anti plastic surgery song. This song may bite me in the butt in a few more years.

In 2011 I released my spiritual dance anthem “No More Excuses”. The lyrics are by Marianne Williamson, author of "A Return to Love".

2017 release: “Save The Planet” EP. With the undoing of the EPA and climate change on the rise, AND an insane POTUS, “Save The Planet” brings awareness to the issues at stake. Dave Aude's remix reached #20 on the DJ Times Dance Charts. From the same release, the downtempo song ”Lullaby to Birdland”; was my first collaboration with Film & TV Composer Max Surla. I'm currently working with him on my next 'Symphonic Pop' release planned for Spring 2018.

To hear all of my songs please go to my POP MUSIC page. Most of the tracks are available as free downloads via the Bandcamp link.

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