Lyrics: Janice Grace, Marianne Williamson
Music: Janice Grace
Grace Notes Royale BMI
© 2010 Jaguar Records Inc.

You are here to love the world
You already have Infinite power
Infinity Beauty
Infinite Love
You just have to remember…..

There isn’t anything OUT THERE that will fill you up
everything you need is inside of you
no one and no thing can give it to you
Please don’t think you’re never gonna be anybody
you already are somebody just because you are

CHORUS: There are no more excuses
Become who you are supposed to be
You are already everything
There are no more excuses

You’re not gonna be anything more than you are right now
You can’t be more You are already everything
The only person that doesn’t get it is you
Nothing more you can ever do will make you any better


It’s just you who doesn’t think you’re enough
Because the creator doesn’t make junk
You are perfect exactly as you are
You already are everything
It’s just a game the ego plays
To keep you small and out of joy