words & Music Janice Grace
Royal Grace Notes ASCAP
© JAGUAR Records, Inc.

Her training began in the traditional way,
on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year,
the apprentice began her destined career.
Her life is lived as a fine art,
she finds a rich patron and wins his heart,
singing songs of long lost passion,
she is dressed in high kimono fashion.
Strumming  the strings of her shamisen,
she hypnotizes with the rhythm of her drum.
She inspires him, oriental cherubim.

Geisha Girl
in a cherry blossom world,
she lights his Hopes,
he enters her world of floating dreams,
they play make believe,
he is redeemed
with his Geisha Girl.

There’s a subtle difference to her clothes
The back of her neck is beautifully exposed
it's so sexual, so very very sensual 
in layered silk she entertains
conversation is her domain
is isn't beauty that matters
it's the way that she flatters
her face is a soft canvas painted white
like a beautiful Japanese water sprite
her mouth is a crimson covered berry
he gently takes a bite and he grows childishly merry


Perfect Miss Manners
lives by almanac planners
consults her astrologer
doesn’t believe theologers
caters to his ego
nurtures his libido


Geisha Girl
brightens up his world,
she’s there to amuse, she’s never confused,
she paints his world a different color everyday,
she knows what to say
she’ll get her way.
She’s a geisha girl.